• Tour


    14.11 Tuesday Sessions @Wohnzimmer Markthalle Basel feat. Enrique Oliver ts, Show 20.30-23.30
    16.11 Ursus Bachthaler Trio @Bibliothek Bar Basel, Show 20.30-23.30
    21.11 Tuesday Sessions @Wohnzimmer Markthalle Basel feat. Claude Meier b, Show 20.00-23.00
    24.11 Ursus Bachthaler Trio @Café con letras Basel, Show 20.00-22.00
    28.11 Tuesday Sessions @Wohnzimmer Markthalle Basel feat. Stefania Chiara voc, Show 20.00-23.00
    1&2.12 Ursus Bachthaler Trio Vienna @Freistunde, Show 20.30-23.00
    5.12 MONKBEATZ @RENÉE, Show 22.00-24.00
    6.12 MONKBEATZ @Jazzfest München, Show 20.00-23.00
    11.12 Soirée Lundi @Sääli Zum goldenen Fass Show 20.30-23.00
    12.12 Tuesday Sessions @Wohnzimmer, Show 20.00-23.00
    17.12 "A Go-Go" @RENÉE, Show 22.00-24.00
    19.12 Tuesday Sessions @Wohnzimmer Markthalle Basel, Show 20.00-23.00


    6.1.2018 Unterfahrt, München 20.00
    7.1.2018 @RENÉE, 22.00
    8.1.2018 Loft Köln, 20.30
    9.1.2018 Bern, 5ieme Etage 21.00
    10.1.2018 Kohi, Karlsruhe 21.00
    11.1.2018 Jazzclub Leipzig 21.00
    12.1.2018 Zig Zag, Berlin 21.00
    13.1.2018 Stockwerk, Graz 21.00

  • BIO

    A boring biography? Is it really necessary? All i can say is: i live, i love, i read, i listen, i play. I try to make everything as intense as possible. Intensity, passion and devotion are the mothers of creativity, don’t you think so? I do. Hope you’ll find some of these mothers in “my” music and writing.





    what an ugly beauty this bitch is we call life
    we say: we see, when we should have said: bye-ya a long time ago
    will it be friday the 13th until the day we're done?
    much evidence speaks for that
    but don't get me criss cross:
    there's beauty to find north of the sunset, 'round midnight, walking down the streets, music everywhere, joy
    there's one for Ruby, my dear, and one for Boo-Boo too
    if you would ask me now i'd say:
    too early to fall silent
    the blue sphere, brother monk
    is where we'll meet again

    Mr. Vertigo

    Standards Trio

    Tuesday Session @Wohnzimmer

    Soirée Lundi

  • Contact

    Ursus Bachthaler
    Riehenring 185
    CH-4057 Basel
    +41 (0)77 400 78 35